Sunday, December 30, 2012

Three Months Old December 19, 2012

**I wrote this post a while back, but am finally getting around to publishing it! 

Three Months Old
December 19, 2012

Your Monthly Stats

Height:  25 inches  **Haven't been to the doctor, but we tried to measure!
Weight: 15 pounds, 4 oz.   **We weigh you at our weekly Babysteps class.  They have a scale there!
Head Circumference:  40 cm (81%ile) **Haven't been to the doctor since our 2 month visit.
Hair: blond fuzz and lots of it!  You have a little bald spot on the back of your head from where you sleep every night.  You also have 4 or 5 REALLY long hairs.  
Eyes: They are so blue and sparkly.  When I talk really softly and sweetly to you, you give me the flirty eyes.  Future ladies--watch out.  Love it!
Diapers: Size 2's

Even though you are three months old, you don't fit in any 3 month clothes.  You're wearing mostly size 3-6 months.  Most sleepers with footies need to be 6 months, because your feet are so big.  You're a BIG boy!  I've had to pack away so many clothes already, and many of them still have the tags on them.  You grow so fast!

You are a hungry little man.  You definitely went through a growth spurt this month when you were hungrier than ever.  That seems to have slowed down a little now.  You're still eating every 2-3 hours during the day, but you're sleeping for longer stretches so the feedings aren't as often at night.  I never thought that day would come.  Yay!  We've become experts at feeding in public too. At first, I was so self-conscious about feeding you out in public, and now we just "whip it out" wherever we need!


*bathtime with Daddy.  This is your special time with Daddy, and you LOVE it!  Sometimes I sit outside of the bathroom, and just listen to you two having a conversation during your bath.  It makes my heart happy.  :-)
*the Rock and Play.  We bought this right after Thanksgiving when a friend recommended it for reflux/sleeping.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Why didn't someone tell me about this earlier?!  The first night we had it, you slept through the night for 6 straight hours.  Since then (knock on wood), you've been sleeping through the night---sometimes for as long as ten hours.  It is glorious.    
*your playmat.  You started swatting and grabbing at the toys hanging down from the mobiles.  It's one of your favorite places to be now.  Sometimes you just lay there and giggle and giggle and giggle for the longest time.  I'm not sure what's so funny! 
*watching other babies and kids.  When we meet up with friends or we're out in public, you usually just stare at other kids.  It's fascinating.  
*blowing raspberries, bubbles, and kisses.  You LOVE when Mommy does all of these things to you, and you've started to imitate me too.  You especially love to blow bubbles, and you've become a drooling, slobbery mess.  We have to keep a bib on you all of the time or you end up soaking wet.  BUT, at least you are happy!  :-)


*sitting still.  You love to be walked around to look at things, bounced on someone's lap, or kicking on your playmat.  
*being ignored.  Sometimes, Daddy holds you on the couch.  You do not like when he watches TV instead of talking to you.  You make it known that you aren't being entertained.  
*too much bouncing around after eating=a lot of spit-up.  We try to avoid that.  

Social Skills: 

We've been to lots of holiday parties and playdates this month.  We went to a fun holiday party with lots of your friends--there were 8 kiddos there.  Here are a few pictures from our photoshoot.  Pretty funny...

I have had too much partying, Mom.  Enough with the pictures!


You're SO strong.  People are amazed at how you stand straight up on our laps or the floor and don't seem to get tired.  I think we'll be pulling out the exersaucer soon.  Maybe Santa will bring you a jumper too!

Dear Maxwell Mouse,
       You've become quite the little man this month.  You are such a happy baby, and everyone loves you so much.  When we get together with friends, people can't wait to snatch you up for a snuggle!  You're comfortable being held by other people most of the time, but definitely want to be with Mommy as soon as you're tired or hungry.  We're starting to know your hunger cues (hands in mouth, opening and closing your mouth like a fish) and tired cues (rubbing eyes, grunting with your mouth closed).  Now we can anticipate when you're tired or hungry and help you sooner.  The "colic" seems to have pretty much disappeared, except for the occasional fussy time in the evenings. You're also happier being left to play on your own and spend time alone for short periods of time now.  I can usually make dinner or squeeze in a load of laundry while you're kicking and playing on your playmat.  This month, I watched you pass your pacifier from your right hand to your left hand and then put it into your mouth.  Maybe you will be a lefty?  

       Every day is filled with something new that you can do, and I'm loving every minute.  I'm so thankful that I'm able to stay home with you.  As much as I want you to stay little forever and never grow up, I'm enjoying watching every stage you go through.  We love you so much little man.  XOXO

Love, Mommy

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two Months Old: November 19, 2012

**I wrote this post a while back, but am finally getting around to publishing it!

Two Months Old
November 19, 2012

Your Monthly Stats

Height:  24.5 inches  (98%ile)
Weight: 13 pounds, 14 oz.  (87%ile)
Head Circumference:  40 cm (81%ile)
Hair: blond fuzz
Eyes: SO blue, and I hope they stay that way.
Diapers: Size 1's--but, these probably won't last too long!

You've outgrown most 0-3 month clothes, and we've moved into a lot of 3 month or 3-6 month clothes.  Most sleepers with footies need to be 3-6 months, because your feet are so big! Yes, I know that you are only two months old.  You're a BIG boy!

You are a champ.  You're eating every 2-3 hours, and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding.  You take a bottle about once a week or so from Daddy.  Sometimes Mommy even gets to sleep in a little in the morning when Daddy gives you a bottle.  What a treat!

*waking up in the morning and giving LOTS of smiles.  You love to hang out on the changing table in the morning--looking around and smiling at Mommy or Daddy.  You especially love to be naked.  Typical boy.
*the SnuggaBunny swing.  You take lots of mini-naps in your swing in the mornings.
*naps with Mommy on the couch--It's the only way you will sleep.
*being in the carseat.  We take you to restaurants, and you usually sleep right through the meal in your carseat.

*being flat on your back (You hate the pack & play, and we really haven't even tried you in your crib yet.)
*sleep.  You fight it all of the time.  You just don't want to miss anything.  At night, you're starting to sleep for about 2 hours at a time, but will only sleep in the bouncing seat that is on an incline.  This is mostly due to your reflux.  You still want to wake up to eat every two hours.
*shots.  You had your 2-month old well checkup this week along with your first set of shots.  It was THE. SADDEST. THING. EVER.  You held my hand during the shots, and screamed with real tears.  But, guess what?  Mommy cried more than you did though. The nurse said that lots of mommies do.  It just made me so sad to see you in pain.  It was the worst.  I am dreading the next set of shots.

Social Skills: 
We are so lucky to have lots of friends with babies around the same age as you.  A few times a week, we meet your friends for breakfast, playdates at the park, or at our Babysteps class at the hospital. I'm trying to find a "Mommy and Me" yoga class for us to join too.

You've always held your head up really well--from Day 1.  You're getting much stronger every day though.  You like to sit on our laps and look around at what's going on. You've even started to push up on your legs when we hold you up.  Maybe soon we will try you out in the Bumbo seat.  I think you could probably hold yourself up.

Dear Little Man,
        You have grown and changed so much this month.  Looking back at your one month pictures, I can't believe how skinny you once were.  In the past month, you have started to get chunky, and I LOVE it.  There is nothing cuter than roly-poly chunky baby thighs.  You've definitely starting to show your personality, and I"m so excited that you're a "happier" baby now.  Since we started giving you medicine to control your acid reflux, it seems like you're so much more content and relaxed.  You smile all of the time and love to laugh at Mommy when I kiss your tummy.  Daddy likes to spend time snuggling with you in the morning too when we wake him up.  We're always awake before he is!  We've been very busy this month.  During the week, we have playdates with all of your friends, go to our Babysteps class every Thursday, and visit Lulu and Pops.  On the weekends, we try to do things as a family (shopping, taking walks, or playing at home).  Soon, we'll be visiting your Grandma and Bup for Thanksgiving.  It will be your second trip to Melrose, the town where your Daddy grew up. We went there once this month during Hurricane Sandy, because we lost power at our house.  It was a fun, impromptu trip, and I know that Grandma and Bup loved visiting with you.

You're our sweet Baby Max.  We like to call you silly names like--
Maxwell Mouse
Mr. Mouse
Little Man
Big Guy
Maximus (Pops' name for you)
Maxie (not my favorite, but it's what Lulu calls you!)

We love you so much, Max.  Can't wait to see what the next month brings!
Love, Mommy

Friday, December 28, 2012

Yes, I am still here!

Obviously I am way overdue with posting.  We've been spending lots of time with family and friends celebrating the holidays.  We had a wonderful Christmas and are continuing the celebration with my in-laws this weekend.

And I'm sure you have noticed that my blog is getting a much-needed facelift.  I owe a HUGE thank-you to my sweet friend Dani for redesigning my blog and making it look oh SO pretty.  I'd been having trouble with uploading pictures on Blogger, because I was out of space.  But now that problem is fixed, so I can't wait to start sharing with you again.  I have lots of blogging goals for 2013---more to come on that soon!  Here are a few pictures to get you caught up on what we've been doing.

Max helped decorate with Christmas lights.

Checking out the pretty Christmas tree--He was mesmerized at first.  

Lots of smiling while watching Elf... "Smiling's my favorite".

Where's Waldo???
I found him!

Have a great weekend, and for those of you in the northeast---stay warm inside during the "blizzard" heading our way tomorrow.  Can't wait to cozy up with a cup of something warm and my little snuggle bunny!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NewMama--Women Connect '12

Today, I am linking up with Becky over at From Mrs. to Mama in her project to connect women in the blogging world.  Even though I started blogging to stay in touch with my own friends and family, I've found that one of my favorite parts of blogging is getting to know strangers who are going through the same life experiences as me.  It's amazing how people are sharing some of the same thoughts and experiences around the world.  I'm excited to find even more of these bloggy friends through this link-up.

So? The directions for the link-up? Why, yes, of course...... but, They are SIMPLE!
You write a post that tells us who you are {without you telling us literally who you are}. Tell us more than just the basics. Share with us a story. Open up. Tell us what is meaningful to you. Reel us in. Make us want to stay. Be real. Be raw.  Be you.

So, how do I define myself?  The definition has surely changed over the last year.  A year ago, I would've said...I'm a 2nd grade teacher.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Being a teacher was an incredible life experience, filled with lifelong memories of students who have taught me far more than I could ever teach them.  But since then, a lot has changed.  

In August 2011, my hubby and I made a big life decision to move back to NJ (where I grew up) to start our family.  Shortly after buying a home that we love, we found out that we were expecting our first child.  Life changed in that very instant.  I will NEVER be the same.   And I am so thankful for that.  

During my pregnancy, many of you followed along as I blogged about the changes that happened each week.  I loved seeing the differences in my chalkboard pictures each week.  It still amazes me how your body can change with a pregnancy.  What an amazing thing.  It was great to get words of encouragement from all of ya'll out there, and I'm still surprised at how many followers I accumulated over the year.  

On September 19th, our lives were changed forever when our little Maxwell was born.  (We call him Max, little man, buddy, peanut, and Maxwell Mouse.   Anybody remember the book, Maxwell Mouse?  I loved it as a kid, and still remember my dad reading it to us all of the time.)  From that day on, I no longer defined myself as "a teacher".  Instead, I'm now a mom.  Since he was born I have been pretty absent from the blogging world.  I still find time to read many of your blogs on a daily basis--usually while nursing Max.  When your kid eats 12 times a day, it gives you time to read a lot of blog posts on your phone.  However, it's not so easy to make comments or write posts on my own blog.  But, I'm not going to apologize for that.  Being with Max is my priority, and if that means that laundry, cooking, and blogging have gone to the wayside for a while, well....that's how it is. 

So, I have been trying to navigate this new role of Mommy over the past two months.  There have been trying times of frustration, worry, and anxiety about whether I am "doing it right".  So, here is where I get brutally honest with you.  I always thought that becoming a mom would come naturally "easy" to me.  Being a teacher did.  I'm the oldest of five kids.  I've always been around children.  But, this is different.  This is really hard.  (Don't worry, Mom.  I don't have postpartum depression...just being real here.) 

Having someone depend on you for everything, and not always knowing how to help them is heartbreaking.  Max was diagnosed with colic when he was 3 weeks old.  He would scream for hours each evening and sleep only minutes some nights. He rarely napped during the day.  I would talk to friends who had also recently had babies, and their babies were only awake for a couple of hours a day.  Max would only sleep on top of my chest--and no one but me could calm him down most of the time.  As nice as it is to be "needed" as Mommy, everybody needs a break.  Luckily, we have family nearby and my hubby JB did as much as he could to help.  At 7 weeks old, I knew that something else was wrong.  He was spitting up a lot more and seemed to be gagging when we laid him down after eating.  I called the doctor, and he was diagnosed with reflux.  Since then, he's been taking Zantac, and it really seems to be helping.  He's much happier during the day, sleeping more often and for longer stretches, and he doesn't seem to be in constant pain.  He's still fussy and gassy at night , but he's such a happier baby overall now.  This makes his mama oh so much happier.  So, there you have it.  I admit it.   Motherhood didn't come naturally or easily to me.  Everyday I am challenged by something.  But, the times of excitement and awe of watching Max do something for the first time far outweighs the challenges.  There are so many times a day that I say, "I just love him so much.  I don't remember life before him."  I love being a new mom, and I feel so lucky to be able to stay at home with my little munchkin.  

Reading blogs of other new moms has helped to give me suggestions and encouragement to get through the first rough moments of motherhood.  So, that's who I am.  Now I am ready to take on this new role as a mommy, and I hope you'll follow me on this crazy journey.  Stop by and say hello--I'd love to follow you too!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Month Old

Obviously things have been a little crazy, and I haven't written a blog post in forever.  So, I'm really hoping that some of you are still following!  Being a mommy is THE BEST job in the world, and I cannot get enough of our sweet Max.  He changes so much every day.  Looking back at these one month old pictures, I can't get over how different he looks now.  More and more I am seeing features of JB and I in his sweet little face.  I think he is just perfect--although I may be a little biased.  More to come soon on our adventures with Max.  Enjoy!

P.S.  How cute are these Babylegs legwarmers??  Love them! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nursery Feature

Thanks for all of your sweet comments about how I chose to decorate Max's nursery.  Once I finally got around to posting our nursery pictures, Jan from Unique Baby Gear sent me a comment on my blog post asking if she could feature it on her website.  Click here to see her article.  

So, this is where I need your help--friends, family, and bloggy friends!  Go to this website, and leave a comment on the page featuring our nursery.  Each comment counts as a vote, and the winner of the contest wins a cash prize.  Who doesn't want a little extra cash?!  Thanks for helping us out!

And, just because a post wouldn't be complete without a's a cute little guy to make your night!

It's OK Thursday!

I'm linking up with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup today for "It's Ok Thursday".  What's OK with you today??  Here are my thoughts...

IT'S OK...

That I can't remember what day it is---ever.  Days, Nights...they all blend together these days.

That I've started the same load of laundry 3 times over the past 3 days, because I keep forgetting to finish it.

That I watched every episode of "Honey Boo Boo" ONDemand in one sitting this week.  It is a train-wreck and it is impossible to look away.

That I'm already planning Max's Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits--These are his first holidays.  He has to look good!

To be sitting here working on this blog post when I have a million other things I should be doing instead--like that load of laundry I mentioned.

To sit and stare at my little man Max all day long--because I can, and because he will only be this tiny once.

That I have only been able to stay awake through 5 minutes of each of the Presidential debates.  

That I have taken THOUSANDS of pictures of Max in the past month--I can't believe that he's already a month old tomorrow.

That I have only made dinner twice (I think) since Max was born.  Don't judge...

That I am LONG overdue for a pedicure.  Good thing flip-flop season is over.

That I do way too much online "window shopping" on discount websites like Totsy, BabySteals, and Zulily.  I have shopping carts filled up all over the internet.  Hey--I don't always follow through and purchase them!

What's OK with you today??

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Apple picking is one of my favorite activities to do in the fall.  We always pick WAY too many apples, and then I have to get creative with how to use all of them before they spoil.  With our big bushel of apples, I made several batches of applesauce, apple crisp, apples with peanut butter, baked name it, and we probably had it.  This year was extra fun, because my in-laws and Joe's cousin LuAnn were visiting at the time.  Below are some pictures from our trip to Melick's apple orchard.  This is such a fun place to go with kids, and I'm excited for future years when Max is a little older to enjoy the other fun activities at the orchard.  This year, he enjoyed it from the cozy warmth of his MobyWrap (more on this in a later post about our favorite baby items).  He LOVES the MobyWrap when he is sleepy, and I love having him cuddled up so close to me.  Enjoy these pictures!

We found an apple just his size!

I spy the cutest little apple in the orchard!

One of our first good family pics... LOVE. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Louds Visit Max in New Jersey

First, let me say that I did not give JB's family the nickname, "The Louds".  They gave it to themselves.  Why?  Because they are a loud, Italian family where everyone talks at the same time, jumping in between several conversations at one time.  And I love them.  That's who they are--the Louds.  :-) 

On September 28th, JB's parents, Mark and Linda, his cousin LuAnn, his brother Michael, and Michael's girlfriend Michelle made the drive to New Jersey to meet and spend the weekend with Max.  We had a great weekend hanging out at home, making our first visit to a restaurant, and picking apples at the apple orchard during their visit.  I'm pretty sure that their favorite part was loving on Max.  I know it's hard for them being so far away, but we promise to keep sending our daily photo/video updates and Skype often.  Here are some pictures from their visit--I'm doing a separate post about our apple orchard trip, because it will be a big photo dump.  :-)

Yay - Grandma and Bup are finally here to meet Max!

Bup can't get enough of cute!

So glad LuAnn came to visit too! 

Uncle Mike---Max gets his middle name from both Uncle Mike and Pops (my dad)

Michelle and Max

This onesie says:  Grandma's My Best Friend

There's Grandma---with her coffee cup close by!  :-)

He loves his hands by his face.

Grandma brought this pumpkin just for Max!
Can't wait to see you soon Dustin family!