Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nine Months Old

Nine Months Old
June 19, 2013

Your Monthly Stats

Height:   28.5 inches (57%ile)

Weight:  19 pounds, 1 ounce (39%ile)

Head Circumference: 46 cm (78%ile)

Hair: Curly-Q.  The humidity has taken control of your hair, and I think you may have gotten those curls from your Lulu and Grandma.  Your hair is much longer down the center of your head--forming the perfect natural curly mohawk.  You're one cool dude.


Eyes: Blue, Blue, Blue!  

Teeth:  4 total and one more coming soon!  (2 on the top, and 2 on the bottom)

Diaper Size:Size 3's

Clothes:  You've been wearing mostly 9 month summer clothes.  I like the one piece short sets best--less fuss!  But, you have been known to dress up in polo shirts and cargo shorts for special occasions.  

Eating:  You have become quite the little eater this month!  After a visit to an excellent pediatric allergist, we finally got some answers about what may be going on with your eating.  You tested positive for several things on the allergy panel test, most severely to eggs and cashews.  The allergist also believes that you have something called FPIES (Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome).  This would explain the extreme reaction you've had several times to oats.  The good news is that most kids outgrow FPIES by 3-years old.  The bad news is that there is no real cure/treatment plan for it other than avoidance of trigger foods.  Eventually, we'll do food trials with oats with the allergist until we know that you have outgrown it.  But, for now we are staying away from all grains.  Luckily, you've decided that you like lots of other foods now too.  Here are all of the "safe" foods that you enjoy and have not had a reaction to eating:
*Watermelon (your absolute favorite)
*Banana (still not sure if you really like them, but you've tried them)
*Plain Greek Yogurt
*White Beans
Yummy Apple

Many of these foods you have eaten in the mesh feeder, and some of them you will eat in small pieces or in big bites from Mommy's fruit.  You're not really a fan of the whole idea of pureed food.  You want the real deal!

*You are SO strong.  People cannot believe you are only 9 months old and doing the things you are doing.  You crawl ALL over the house, following me wherever I go.  You love to crawl down the hallway to Daddy's office and swing his office doors back and forth.
*You pull yourself up to all of the kitchen cabinets, and you've figured out how to take the child safety locks off of the cabinets.  They were up for one day, and then you figured this out.  We're in trouble.
So much for babyproofing...

*A few times a day, you pull yourself up (either on the couch, a toy, or another piece of furniture) and you let go.  You just stand there--without anything holding you up.  And you look around, smile, and then plop yourself right down on the ground.  You don't seem scared or surprised.  It's as if you're saying, "I've got this.  I can stand up by myself."  SLOW DOWN LITTLE BOY!
*You're cruising along the couch from one end to the other.  You're also walking with the toy walker.  

*Taking all of your toys out of every basket and bucket that we own.  It looks like a bomb went off every single day.  You also like to empty all of the clothes out of the laundry basket.  But, that's okay---because you're having fun!
*Crawling all over the house.  At lightning speed.  
*Electrical cords.  You become so determined to get to them and will push everything out of your way to get there.  It doesn't matter that you have tons of toys surrounding you--you just want things that you aren't supposed to have.
*Grabbing everything that I'm trying to eat or drink.  It doesn't matter that you won't like coffee--it's a battle for me to drink my one cup every morning.  
*The washing machine and the dryer--Lucky for you, Mommy does several loads a day.  It provides pure entertainment, and you like to crawl into the laundry room to sit next to the loud machines!
*Swimming--It's SUMMERTIME...and you found your love of the pool, just like Mommy.  We've been in Lulu and Pops' pool a few times and can't wait for the rest of the summer.
*Watermelon--You make this face when we pull out the container of watermelon.  It's also a naked eating experience.  It is just TOO sticky and messy for clothes.     

I LOVE those two little teeth on the bottom--so cute!

*naps.  STILL.  Late afternoons are VERY long for all of us when you haven't napped all day.  
*when Mommy leaves.  This is not really new.  You've always been very attached to me.  But this is definitely the "separation anxiety" that everyone says happens around 8 months.  When I walk out of the room (even if you're being held by Daddy or someone else), you get the sad bottom lip and start wailing.  It breaks my heart.  I know that you're fine and will outgrow it, but it's never easy to hear you cry.  
*getting your diaper changed.  I feel like I'm wrestling you every time I change you.  You think it's funny when you get away.  
Runaway Nakey Baby!

Social Skills: 
We're still busy, although things have slowed down a bit.  We finished our series at Music Together.  You loved going every week, and after we started playing the music CD at home, you would start smiling and banging on things when you heard the familiar tunes.  We're going to sign up again for another series in the fall.  We have been having fun playdates at the park this month.  We lay out a blanket with lots of toys and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air with our friends.  We have been taking lots of walks together too.  Sometimes we use the stroller and sometimes we go in your new red wagon from Grandma and Bup.  You love being in the wagon!  Wherever we walk, people stop us to look at the "happy baby" in the stroller.  

Last week, you were teething.  You ended up with a runny nose and a fever.  I'm pretty sure it was all due to the teething.  Two new teeth popped through in one day.  It was a ROUGH week for sleep.  And of course--Daddy was away for part of the week, and the rest of the week he got a "man cold".  So, it was just you and Mommy (not) sleeping in the guest room for a week.  Luckily, you started feeling better this week, and went back to better sleeping habits.  You still go down to bed consistently at 7:30 pm.  You usually wake up at 5:00 am, ready to eat.  Then, most days you fall back asleep with us in our bed until 6:30 or so.  Sometimes we get really lucky and you sleep in until 7:30 or 8:00 am.  That has happened twice.  Both on days when Daddy said he was going to get up with you in the morning.  Figures.  

Dear Bubba,

It's official.  You've been "out" for more time than you were "in".  When you were in my belly, time seemed to fly by.  39 weeks went by in a blink of an eye, and then you were here.  You were a part of our family, and it felt like you had always been here.  The past 9 months have gone by even faster than that.  In just three short months, you will be one year old.  That just can't happen.  I'm not ready.  But, it will happen.  And I will cherish every day with you between now and then.  

It has been so much fun to watch as you learn things.  There is something new every day.  This month, you have become more vocal.  In the car, you have full-out conversations with me.  I have NO idea what you're saying, but you definitely have a lot to say.  You like to talk a lot while I'm getting your food ready and you're sitting in the high chair waiting for me to finish.  A lot of times, I'll crank up the music in the kitchen and you will sing along (in your own way).  You've started to mimic some of the sounds we make.  You haven't said any "official" words yet, but I'm hoping that'll come soon.  All day long, I say, "Mama.  Mama.  Mama".  But nothing gets repeated.  Maybe one day...

This month, we celebrated Daddy's first Father's Day.  You are one lucky little boy to have a Daddy who loves you more than anything.  You still love to crawl over to his office for visits during the day when he is home.  Bathtime is your time with Daddy, and you two have lots of fun playing and splashing together---even if he does let you stand in the tub!  It's easy for anyone to see what a special bond you two have with each other.  I love that.  

You are so smart, handsome, and funny.  I am excited every single morning to see you and "rescue you" from your crib.  At nighttime, as I'm rocking you to sleep, I must sniff your sweet baby smell a hundred times before I lay you down for the night.  There is nothing better than putting a happy, content, sweet-smelling baby down to rest after a day full of fun.  I'm excited to see what the next month will bring.  Just like it says in one of your favorite books--I love you to the moon and back,baby.



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I've always loved my husband, JB for lots of different reasons.  He is understanding, compassionate, empathetic, kind to EVERYONE, and will go out of his way to help complete strangers.  When we became serious, I asked myself if I thought he would be a good father.  The answer was always yes---and he has proven this to be true this year.  Becoming a Dad is not something that came easy or natural to him, but he has worked hard at it and is an awesome Dad to Max.  We've been learning our roles as parents over the past nine months, and I really think we balance each other out in so many different ways.  

Max has always been very attached to Mommy.  After all, I'm the one who stays home with him all day, feeds him, comforts him, and rocks him to sleep each night.  When he falls down, he wants to be soothed by me.  But, Daddy....Daddy has a whole different role.  Max will crawl over to JB's office door during the day when he is working, and as soon as he sees his Daddy, he gets a HUGE smile that lights up his whole face.  And JB gets that same smile in return.  Daddy is "the fun one".  He knows just how to make those big dimples appear on Max's face--after all, he's the one who gave him those dimples.  

JB has given me many extravagant and expensive gifts in the years since we have been together.  There have been lavish vacations, fancy jewelry, dinners in famous restaurants with expensive bottles of wine, and one very pricey pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.  But all of these gifts pale in comparison to the best gift he has ever given me.  That is the gift of being a mother, and in being my partner in this wild ride we call parenthood.  

Happy First Father's Day to an incredible husband, JB!  

First Stroller Ride--4 days old!

One of our first days home--naptime!

Notice a theme?

Watching the Colbert Report with Daddy

Beer and Pizza Night

Look!  Daddy taught me how to stand in my crib!  {Awesome.}

Mommy left Daddy in charge...Hmmmm

Books before bedtime

Watching the rain outside--twins.

Taking a break during the workday to play with Cookie Monster

I feel incredibly blessed to have so many great memories growing up with my own Dad.   I love seeing his relationship and how he interacts with Max now.  Max loves his Pops--their nightime walks before bedtime, swinging on the swingset in the backyard, and swimming in the pool. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My husband is the man he is today largely due to his own father's influence.  And so, I have you to thank for that, Mark.  Max loves to see his Bup on Skype/Facetime, and can't wait to see you "in real-life" in a few weeks.  Happy Father's Day! 


Happy Father's Day to all of the special dads in your life!  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunday Brunch in the City

On Sunday, we spent the day in NYC.  We had brunch with friends at EATS and then spent the afternoon strolling the streets of the Upper East side.  We walked through the park, took a rest on a grassy spot near the river, and then cooled off with some frozen yogurt.  It was a really nice family day, and I had a lot of fun just spending all day with my two favorite boys.  Finally we got some cute pictures of my sweet Max and I together.  Usually I'm the one behind the camera, so there aren't too many good pictures of the two of us out there!  I'm sure many of you mamas out there understand this.  Thanks to my hubs for making it a point to take us on a photoshoot!  Enjoy!


Hot day--and it was time for a nap! 

I like this one purely because you can see two little fingers sticking out!

My sweet family

The world famous "Sophie the Giraffe"

Looking at some crazy lady on the street

Happy Hump Day everyone!