Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eleven Months Old

Eleven Months Old
August 19, 2013

Your Monthly Stats

*We have not been to the doctor, so these stats are approximate.

Height:   28.5 inches (57%ile)

Weight:  22 pounds

Head Circumference: 46 cm (78%ile)

Hair: Blond and Curly

Eyes: Blue, Blue, Blue!  

Teeth:  7 teeth--No new teeth this month, but you've been drooling like crazy and we keep waiting for more to appear.

Diaper Size:Size 3's, but we'll be moving onto the Size 4's once we finish this package.  

Clothes:  It seems like you outgrew all of your clothes and pajamas this month.  I actually had to go shopping for clothes for you!  You are a growing boy and are now in size 12-month clothes and size 12-18 month pajamas.  I've been buying you pajamas without the feet, because you want to crawl and walk everywhere.  The footies make you slip!  

This month, you've explored lots of new foods---and liked ALL of them!  Even better--you haven't had any negative reactions to new foods.  PHEW!  Here are the new foods you've tried this month:
*Organic yogurt/fruit snacks
*Funfetti Cake and Icing---You LOVED this!  :-)  You fit right in with the Pahuta family.  We all love Funfetti.  
*Organic blueberry pancakes
*Cauliflower (not a huge fan)
*Brocoli (also not a huge fan)
*String Cheese
*Plain Rice Cakes
*Gluten Free Waffles
*Vanilla frozen yogurt
*Quinoa flakes (a great alternative to oatmeal!)
*French Toast (made with high protein grain bread)
*Blueberry muffin
*Veggie Pasta

Feeding you new foods has been so much fun.  You definitely have a love for fruit, and I usually need to give you the veggies first in order to get them in.  Once you see the fruit, it's all over!

When you drink water out of your Zoli cup, you let out a big "ahhhhhh" after drinking.  We can thank your Lulu for teaching you that.  

This was a very big month for you.  You started WALKING!  You still prefer to crawl most of the time, but everyday you take a few more steps.  The first time you walked, you were in our foyer.  You were holding onto the gate on the stairs, and just let go....and took three steps.  You looked really surprised--and so was I!  Since then, you take a few steps everyday.  You're more likely to do it when you're holding onto something in your hands.  You also like to walk around the house holding my hand.  We do this pretty much all day long.  OUCH-my back hurts from bending over to hold your hand.  But you look so proud when you do it, so I can suffer through it.  Pretty soon you'll be running and won't need to hold my hand anymore.  

*Walking while holding Mommy or Daddy's hands
*Brushing your teeth
*Eating--When you hear me open up the pantry door or the refrigerator, you make a beeline for it.  If I don't give you something, you throw a full-out tantrum.  We're in trouble.  
*Cars and Trucks--You love your book called Trucks and you call anything with wheels a car.  If we're outside and you see someone drive by, you point your finger at them until we can't even see them anymore.  

*Balloons--We got balloons for your birthday invitation picture and you are still chasing them around.  You were VERY upset when they flew up to the ceiling.  
*Using the dustbuster--You love to clean.  You are mommy's boy.

*Jamming with Daddy in the basement--You play the drums and he plays the guitar.
*Reading Books--This has become a big favorite this month.  You always grab the same two books:  Trucks and If I Were an Elephant.  You especially like to read books with photographs of people and animals.  
*Opening/Closing cabinets and doors

*Being told NO.  Sometimes you actually throw yourself down on the ground and cry.  I try hard not to laugh.  
*Being over-tired.  You go, and go, and go.  And eventually you crash.  And it's not always pretty.  **See Picture Below.
*Being separated from Mommy-This hasn't changed.  

Social Skills:
You love people.  All people.  Babies, old people, other kids....anyone.  You get that from your Daddy.  All someone has to do is say hello, and you are all smiles.  You are definitely an extrovert in every sense of the word.  You chat and sing with anyone who will listen.   

Sleep is a mystery.  Some nights you sleep really well.  Some nights you are up 2-3 times.  We can usually still count on you going to bed around 7:30 at night.  You are an early bird though, and we're usually up for the day by 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning.  You generally take one nap in the morning and often take another in the afternoon (depending on what we're doing for the day).  The better the naps during the day, the better the sleeptime at night.  

Words From Past Months:
~mama *This started when you were crying in your crib refusing to take a nap.  Not exactly how I pictured you saying Mama for the first time, but I'll take it.  
~wawa (water) 
~ba (ball)
~uh-oh (when you drop something you repeat this after I say it)
~"eh, eh, eh" (what I say when you're going near something you're not supposed to touch.  See this on video here.  Classic Example:  
Hmmm...That looks like something I shouldn't touch.

New Words This Month:
~kitty cat
~woof (for dog)

*These words may not sound exactly like the real words, but they definitely have the correct meaning.  

We can't wait to hear you saying more words soon!

New Tricks:
~Slapping Hi-5
~Clapping your hands (especially after we say "Yay")

~Blowing Raspberries (especially with a mouthful of food)
~Playing Peek-A-Boo on your own (You hold your head to one side to "hide", and then throw it to the other side and smile when we say peek-a-boo.)
~Walking and RUNNING holding one of our hands.
~Sharing with Mommy (your binky, food, water bottle)

Only one more month until you are a WHOLE YEAR OLD!  That is just crazy talk.  This past month has been filled with lots of milestones being met and having fun. We've spent a lot of time getting ready for Aunt Andrea's bridal shower, planning your first birthday, and attending the first of your friends' birthday parties.  

We attended our first Gymboree class with your friend, Kaylee.  You loved climbing, crawling, and jumping on all of the toys.   We're going to try out another tumbling place close to home this week.  We've been going to church every week, and you love to listen to the band play music there.  The guitar player always gives a "shout-out" to Baby Max for being the best dancer.  We also took another trip to the beach.  We visited Daddy's coworkers, and you loved the beach as much as last time.  You played in the sand, chased the seagulls, and splashed in the waves.  Daddy loved seeing you in action this time too!  

We're trying to slow down a little bit this month and enjoy the last few days of your first year.  Our plans are to spend more time splashing in the pool, taking trips to the park, and hanging out in our own backyard.  I know this coming month will be just as fun as the last.  We love you so much baby boy...XOXO

P.S.  More pictures of Max's birthday invitation photo shoot coming soon!