Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oh the Places You'll Go...

“You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!” 

On May 20th, Nick graduated with honors from Lehigh University.  He's such a smarty pants--onto to grad school he goes, and then onto Law School next year.  Here are a few pictures from our day.

We're so proud of you Nick!  XOXO

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Lesson to be Learned

I've been thinking a lot about the victims of the horrific tornadoes that have ripped through our country this week.  There have been so many disasters lately--both natural disasters and others brought on by human beings who are lost, hurting, and confused.  I struggle with understanding why these things happen to good people.

This morning, we went to a special church service where "pets" were invited.  We've recently started going to a church that is very different from any I've ever been to--and I really like it.  Among other things, the minister spoke of how animals live every day "in the present".  They don't worry about what has happened in the past, and they don't worry about the future.  For the most part, they are content with what is happening right now.  Leaving this church service, I vowed to do the same today.  Although I had 3 loads of laundry to finish, grocery shopping to do, and a house that definitely could use some spring cleaning, I did none of those things.  Instead, I laid a big blanket out in our backyard, smeared some sunscreen on my little man, and enjoyed a beautiful spring day.  We played peek-a-boo, I tickled him, shared some hugs, and we laughed together for a few hours on that blanket.  And I don't regret a single minute of it.  I lived "in the present".  And I want to start doing more of that.  Because there are only so many precious moments that we have with the ones we love.  If there is any lesson to be learned in the recent tragedies that have happened, that is it.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am a Basketcase

I know that kids get bumps and bruises.  It's all part of growing up.  What I didn't know was how hard it is to watch these things happen as a mom.  Max is crawling at lightning speed, and he's pulling himself up on anything (or anyone) he can hold onto.  He gets so excited when he's trying to get somewhere, and he gets a big smile on his face when he realizes that he's made it.  
Like his hair??  That's sunblock head!

"Hi, Mommy!"

He no longer likes to sit in the exersaucer...but will stand outside of it to play.

This morning, he was crawling around our kitchen floor playing with a cardboard box.  As he pushed the box and tried to stand up, he slipped and did a HARD faceplant into the tile floor.  Both JB and I were standing near him and watched the whole thing happen.  I've been trying not to react to his falls, but this time I couldn't help it.  JB said that he's never seen me jump and run so fast to scoop him up.  Max cried for a minute, but I honestly think that he was probably more scared by my reaction than anything else.  He ended up with a little cut in his mouth, and when I saw a little bit of blood coming out from under his binky, my heart sank.  He also has a small bruise on his forehead and nose.  As a mommy, you want to do everything you can to keep your baby safe.  And that's just not possible all of the time.  When I was telling this story to a friend at church this morning, she said, "My son is 12 years old.  Yesterday, he fell off of his bike, and I had the same heart attack.  It never goes away."  So, I guess I will forever be a "wreck".  Bring on the Xanax.  Just kidding... :-)

Sad boo-boo face

A little ice cube in the mesh feeder makes it all better!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Eight Months Old

Eight Months Old
May 19, 2013

Your Monthly Stats

**No doctor's appointment this month so I don't have accurate stats.  These are based on my measurements.  

Height:  28 inches 

Weight: 18-19 pounds

Head Circumference: 44 cm 

Hair: You are a little blondie, and it just keeps getting lighter.  Your hair seems to be getting curlier too, and it's getting longer around your ears.  After bathtime, we brush it.  But it quickly pops back up and becomes wild again.

Eyes: Blue, Blue, Blue!  

Diaper Size:Size 3's

Clothes:  We broke out the 9 month clothes this month.  You're still able to fit into some of your 6 month clothes and most 6-9 month clothes.  Most of your summer clothes are 9 and 12 month clothes though, so it's time to chunk up!  :-)

Eating:  This has been a battle again this month.  You went on a solid food strike where you refused to eat ANYTHING.  Finally, we figured out that you really like avocado.  So, you've been eating almost 1/2 of an avocado every day.  That's a lot of good fat!  You also like to suck the juice out of fruit like watermelon, pears, and apples.  Sometimes you do this with whole fruit, and sometimes you use the mesh feeder.  We went to see a feeding specialist, and she seemed to think that you were very picky and stubborn.  She suggested we keep trying different foods.  We tried Puffs this weekend, and you ended up vomiting again.  :-(  So, we're going to visit an allergist this week to see if you might have an allergy to rice or oats.  Those ingredients are the common factor in all of the times that you've gotten sick.  You seem really interested in our food while we're eating, but when we offer it to you, you usually spit it out.  We'll keep trying, and hopefully we'll get some answers this week!

*Watch out--we have a CRAWLER!  And a CLIMBER!  And you are FAST!  You started crawling early last month, and you haven't stopped since.  Now, you're crawling around the whole house--on the carpet, the tile, and the hardwood.  You're starting to follow me around from the family room into the kitchen when I'm doing something.  
*You're pulling yourself up on everything.  You especially like to pull up on the couch, the recliner (that rocks), and on mommy's leg when you're standing underneath me.  You've also pulled yourself up to hold onto the washing machine, into the dishwasher, and onto my vanity bench in the bathroom.  We have to be careful that you don't pull up onto something that can easily fall.  A few times, you've taken 1-2 steps while standing against something.  I have a feeling you'll be cruising the furniture soon.  
*You like to "walk" while holding Daddy's hands.  I keep telling Daddy that we're not ready for that yet!  

Look at the determination on that face!  Yes....I know the computer cord shouldn't be hanging down there!

*Crawling and chasing mommy around the family room.  You think it's really funny when I crawl around really fast.  
*Peek-A-Boo-Bear:  You LOVE him.  And I hear him in my sleep.  "Hello Baby.  Peekaboo is the most fun with you!"
*Music Class-You love singing, dancing, and playing all of the instruments in our music class on Fridays.  Our teacher, Miss Janet gets you to giggle so hard during our circle dance every week.  
*Swinging on the swings.
*Visiting Daddy "at work" in his home office.  You're starting to distract him with your sweet smile.  
*Walking with Pops-You love to do this when Pops come home from work.  He says that you're "going to walk the grounds" with the dogs, and you just walk all around the yard--looking at birds, watching the dogs run, and listening to all of the sounds outside.  Pops knows how to calm you down when you're fussy!
*Avocados-Thank goodness we have one food that you like!  
Climbing up on the recliner

Climbing to look out the window

Picking out a book before naptime!

*being left alone.  You're fine playing as long as someone is nearby.  But, as soon as you're left alone, you get mad and start crying.  We're trying to "get you more independent".  
*being put in the carseat-Once we're moving, you're usually fine.  But lately, when we put you in your carseat, you look like "the rod".

Social Skills: 
We're all over the place.  Every week, we have our usual activities:  playdates, park days, Library Babies, and Music Class.  We also go out to restaurants, shopping, and for walks pretty regularly.  Everywhere we go, people comment on your cute smile and big blue eyes.  

For the most part. you've been sleeping pretty well.  Some nights you wake up and cry, but we try to let you cry it out.  You are usually able to put yourself back to sleep within a few minutes.  You still go to sleep around 7:30 pm.  You typically wake up around 5:00 to eat, and then you go back to sleep until around 7:00. Then, we're up for the day!  

"Let me out of this jail!"
Dear Big Boy,
      Time needs to slow down...NOW.  I've been really bad about blogging this month, and I want to make sure I'm documenting all of the changes you're going through.  But, life has been so much fun with you, and I've had a hard time slowing down to stop and do that!  Another month has gone by, and you are becoming such a big boy.  You have become a lot more independent, and you want to do everything by yourself.  You see something that you want, and you go for it.  There is nothing that can stand in your way.  You're starting to get upset when we take things away that you shouldn't have or when we redirect you from things that are "not for babies".  Babyproofing in our house needs to happen A.S.A.P.
      Daddy traveled a lot this month for work, and we did a lot of Skyping so that you could see him everyday.  Anytime that I said, "Where's Daddy?", your face would light up with a smile.  You love him so much--especially when he tickles you with his beard.  You giggle so hard--most of the time with no sound coming out of your mouth.  While he was away, we filled our days with our regular classes, playdates with friends, and time spent at Lulu and Pops' house.  
     You've been learning lots of new tricks.  You know how to wave hi/bye.  It's very similar to your Uncle Nick's shark wave!  You also love to "high five" when you're on the swing at the park.  We've been trying to get you to imitate sounds.  All day long, I say, "Mama, Mama, Mama"....but nothing yet!  Sometimes you say "baba" and then go to grab your binky.  We think that may mean something.  I can't wait to hear you say "Mama" for the first time.  You're doing lots of babbling, but it doesn't mean much to us yet.  You love to smack your hands on the table/high chair/hardwood floor---anywhere that makes a loud bang.  You're definitely an outgoing, BUSY little boy.  You bump your head about 100 times a day while trying to crawl, climb, and pull up on everything.  Mommy has a heart attack everytime.  But, you rarely cry for long.  Usually if I don't say anything, you just keep going and don't cry at all.  You're a tough guy.  
     This month, I also celebrated my first Mother's Day.  It was so special, and I felt very loved and appreciated by both you and Daddy.  There is no better job in the world than being your mommy.  I can't wait to see what else you learn to do next month.  I love you big man.  XOXO

Love, Mommy